How it Works

FlightScope’s 3D motion tracking devices are not just about ball measurement; they can also help with your golf swing analysis by measuring variables related to your golf club, such as:

  • club head speed
  • club attack angle
  • club path
  • club face angle
  • dynamic loft

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Lessons & Rates

FlightScope is the world’s first completely wireless, 3D Phased Array Tracking Radar for golf and Northwestern Ontario’s only unit of its kind.

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FlightScope comprises a high performance, low power 3D Doppler tracking radar with phased array antenna technology and advanced ballistic flight analysis software to track a golf ball for its entire trajectory and club through and after impact.


State of the art club and ball measurement, using 3D Doppler tracking technology.

  • Flexible all weather radar for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Comprehensive set of measurements.
  • Other utilities and views for club selection, club fitting, and golf instruction.
  • Reliable and consistent. Works all the time. Quiet operation, with no blinding light flashes.
  • Does not miss shots easily. No adjustments needed after installation. Almost no maintenance needed.
  • FlightScope connects directly to any Apple or Android mobile device via Wi-Fi, without the use of a PC.
  • Connect up to 5 mobile devices simultaneously.

Radar Technology

The FlightScope X-Series are higher performance radar units with improved tracking capability and accuracy. It represents the state of the art in golf measurement technology.

NWO Golf has TruGolf E6 Golf Simulator software that is powered by Flightscope for the winter months to play a choice of over 80 of the most popular PGA tour courses or have skills competitions on some of the worlds most popular golf holes.

Simulator Rental

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If you want to have some fun and play on some of the worlds best courses, get custom fit or work on your golf swings Flightscope has it all and with PGA of Canada instruction its time to take you games to the next level and have some fun!

Variety of 80 PGA Courses to Choose From

1 player $40 per hour

2 players 9 holes $25 &  18 holes $35

3-4 players 9 holes $20 & 18 holes $30

all prices per person……. larger groups custom….times are booked for size of group length of play

FlightScope Custom Fittings

30-45 Minute Driver Fitting & Wood Fitting
Cost: $50

30-45 Minute Iron & Wedge Fitting
Cost: $50

1 hour Driver, Wood, Iron & Wedge Fitting (full bag)
Cost: $75